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No business these days can afford to ignore the many benefits of online communication, whether that be developing social media channels to drive new visitors to your website, selling products online, or improving the flow of information between internal staff and stakeholders to improve business efficiency. Premium Developers can work with you to develop anything from a basic blog site, full-blown online application, intranet system or anything in between Read More….

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Data and Voice Cabling

Look around your office or workplace. Have you got computer or telephone cables all over the place? Are you tripping up over them, causing health and safety risks, or a risk of damaging your expensive computer and telephone equipment? Does the office or workplace look unprofessional? Read More….

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IT Support and Maintenance

If you’re a small business you are unlikely to have a dedicated IT professional on site. You may have a member of staff who “looks after” the system, but what would happen if the system goes down or that person is on holiday or off work due to illness? If your system is down for even 1 hour, the cost can be significant to any business. Read More….

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Computer and Laptop Repairs

It’s happened to most of us. Just as you’re about to finish that important report, or as you’re about to finish your biggest customers account, the computer freezes, the laptop overheats and the whole system shuts down – disaster, frustration, loss of work and time and even loss of business. Read More….